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202-206 Macquarie St 1
The brick building on the left is a heritage house at 201 Macquarie Street. The proposed new building is at the rear. The land slopes steeply down to the rivulet.
202-206 Macquarie St 1
The red line is the level at Macquarie Street, showing 4 storeys above the line. This is below the maximum height of 18 metres recommended by Leigh Woolley for this area.
Regardless of the above, we feel that there are reasons why it should not be approved, and we encourage you to make a submission rejecting this application; reasons below.
Submission against the proposed development at 201 Macquarie Street, Hobart
PLN-19-768 - 201 Maquarie Street & 49 Molle Street & 199 Macquarie Street & adjacent rivulet.
My reasons to oppose are:

- The height is not compatible with the scale of nearby buildings. We ask that it be reduced by 1 storey.
- The height and bulk will dominate the long single storey heritage building across the rivulet.
- Overshadowing will occur over the rivulet.
- There is no transition in height between this building and the long single storey heritage building across the rivulet.

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