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202-206 Macquarie St 1
Note the height of the rear section.
St. Michael's college is behind (entry on Davey St.)
202-206 Macquarie St 2
Note how this overpowers the current streetscape.
Submission against the proposed development at 202-206 Macquarie Street, Hobart
Development Description: 202 - 206 Macquarie Street, Hobart - New Building for 40 Multiple Dwellings, Educational and Occasional Care (Childcare Centre) and General Retail and Hire, Business and Professional Services and Food Service
My reasons to oppose are:

This proposal, at 30 metres, is too high, considering that the proposed absolute maximum, recommended by Leigh Woolley and the City of Hobart's professional planning staff, is 15 metres.

It is not compatible with the highly significant streetscape and views along Macquarie Street, and does not contribute positively to this streetscape and townscape, as is clear from the images provided by the applicant.

Its height and bulk, particularly along the boundary with the school at the rear, will overshadow, and overlook, open space, classrooms, assembly hall, boarding house playground, garden areas, and heritage buildings, within the school boundaries.

Views of the mountain, from across Davey Street, and from some areas within the school, will be taken away.

For these reasons, I oppose this development.

I do not consent to my submission, including my name and contact details, being provided to the applicant.

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