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Ald Simon Behrakis:

As an Elected Member:
  • Ald Simon Behrakis supports highrise towers
  • he campaigned heavily in favour of the 'Welcome Stranger' highrise towers - look at the ads for him on the Welcome Stranger now!
  • he supported the original versions of the New Town hospital
  • he supports highrise towers on Macquarie Street that would overlook St Michael's girls' school's open spaces
  • he supports taking planning decisions from local Councils
  • He voted against the City's climate / biodiversity policy
  • He voted against the 'Sustainable Hobart Action Plan'
  • he often disregards the recommendations of the City's professional Planning Officers i.e. the provisions in the Planning Schemes
    On Social Media:
    • The City's 'Social Media Policy' was adopted by Council on the 18th November 2019.
    • In both 2020 and 2021, Ald Behrakis refused to sign that he will abide by any of the City's policies, including the 'Social Media Policy'.
    • he often prompts for, and then allows, posts on his social media that are derogatory and personal, against members of the public, fellow elected members, and HNH
    • These posts are against members of the public, fellow elected members, and HNH.
    • The 'Social Media Policy' makes him responsible for all posts on his social media, including 3rd-party posts.
    • Click 'Here' for details and some samples.

    Click on each of the following for more details:
      If you log into the Mercury and search for "behrakis', you will find those Mercury articles.

      Ald Behrakis: if you disagree with any of the above, please contact HNH. We will correct any errors immediately.

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