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31st Oct. 2019 - Leigh Woolley Wins Premier National Award

Organised by The Planning Institute, The Architects Institute, & Landscape Architects Institute

This is huge!

Congratulations to Leigh Woolley.

Leigh has just received (30th October 2019) a premier national urban design award organised by the Planning Institute, the Architects Institute and the Landscape Architects Institute. This is for his report to protect Hobart's heritage buildings, streetscapes, viewlines, with absolute maximum building heights as one of the mechanisms.

The block-by-block analysis of central Hobart’s topography, built form, viewlines and its wind and solar qualities was named the leadership, advocacy and research winner in the 2019 Australian Urban Design Awards.

The jury chair Malcolm Snow said that such careful visual analysis of a town or city seems to be something we’ve forgotten about in past planning initiatives.

The jury's citation reads:
This project demonstrates an exemplary approach to urban design research at a city scale. The jury was impressed with this place-specific framework, which acknowledges and accommodates the future growth and change anticipated for Hobart’s city centre. The methodology employs a block-by-block integrated analysis of Hobart’s topography, built form, lot configuration, views and view cones to and from the city centre. The resulting recommendations for building heights emerge from a careful reading of the city’s relationship to its distinctive surrounding landforms. The report thoroughly illustrates the series of investigations undertaken, providing a model for analyzing the unique local conditions that are vital in maintaining a city’s amenity and identity.

Hobart Not Highrise congratulates Leigh Woolley. We knew, and 14,000 electors agreed in the recent Poll, that Leigh's report was world class and a great option for Hobart.

Hobart Not Highrise will continue to campaign to have these recommendations put into the planning schemes.

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