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Proposed Fragrance Development
28 - 30 Davey Street, Hobart

This is the Fragrance site that caused so much anger in Hobart, the original height being 210 metres. It was the trigger for thousands of residents to group together to protect our city. It was the reason that Hobart Not Highrise (HNH) started.

Revised plans have been lodged and are out for public consultation at the moment. The proposed building is 33 metres above Davey Street and 39 above Despard Street. The massive drop in height, down from 210M, clearly shows that developments do not need to be skyscrapers to be financially viable.

The HNH Committee believes that the reduced height is a response to the following:
  1. The prolonged campaign by residents against skyscrapers to protect Hobart's heritage, view-lines, and screetscapes.
  2. Council has stood firm and refused a number of highrise towers.
  3. The appeals tribunal, RMPAT, has supported the Council's decisions.

The HNH Committee has resolved not to oppose this development even though it is higher than the Leigh Woolley recommended height. Given the height of the existing buildings on each side, the Committee sees this site as a reasonable one-off exception.

The Development Application contains the following image – as seen along Davey Street.
Fragrance Davey Street
The Hobart Council Building is on the left, the proposed development in the middle, and the Executive Building is on the right. Both adjacent buildings are already above Leigh Woolley's recommended height. Of significance is that the proposed building is the same height as the the adjacent Executive Building.

Reasons to oppose:
  1. The absolute maximum height recommended by Leigh Woolley is 18 metres.

Reasons not to oppose:

  1. The proposed building is between the HCC Building and the Executive Building, both of which are already over Leigh Woolley's recommended height.
  2. It is the same height as the adjacent Executive Building.
  3. It will not change the limited view-line from Franklin Square to the water.
  4. It will, most likely, enhance the streetscape along Davey Street, given the style and type of the current buildings.
  5. It will not interfere with the heritage along Davey Street.
  6. It will not interfere with the heritage buildings on Brooke / Despard Streets.

So, the HNH Committee has resolved not to oppose, or support, this development.

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