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use for Takeaway
Lots of cafes / restaurants are doing 'Takeaway' - see the full list 'Here'. It's a PDF file so you can print it for easy reference.

You can help these local businesses, and our campaign, by getting the Entertainment Book via Hobart Not Highrise. Big discounts on dining, local services, shopping, travel, activities, car hire, subscriptions, hotels - superb value!

HnH works solely to protect Hobart's heritage, view-lines, and streetscapes, using absolute maximum building heights to provide this protection.
The year ahead will see ongoing activity:
  • 'Major Projects' legislation is now out for public consultation (4th Mar. to 9th Apr.)
  • new / revised development applications (eg K & D site)
  • a review of the Tasmanian Planning Commission
  • the strong possibility of undemocratic 'Development Assessment Panels' to take decisions away from Council
  • statewide planning scheme coming to parliament
  • leaflet-printing & distribution, plus other advertising
  • it's likely that we will need professional legal / planning advice.

This would help greatly – you get all the benefits – HnH gets some much-needed funds.

Click for more details or to buy the book.

Love Hobart? Protect Hobart!

Any questions?  Click 'Here' to contact Hobart Not Highrise.

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