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Candidates' Position on Building Heights

Hobart Not Highrise Inc. is asking each candidate to complete the form below. Information that might help is further down. Full details are available on the City's website.

Hobart Not Highrise Inc. will publish details of all candidates who reply, by email and on facebook. Note that there will be no cost incurred by you.

The form will be removed at 9:00pm on Monday 8th October 2018. Apologies for the short timescale, caused by the difficulty in gathering email addresses.

If you are elected as an Alderman on the Hobart City Council, will you vote 'yes' to having absolute maximum building heights incorporated into the two planning schemes, either equal to, or less than, those recommended by the City's planning staff as a result of the Leigh Wooley report, currently out for public consultation?
By clicking 'Submit', you are giving Hobart Not Highrise Inc. permission to publish your name and answer by email and on facebook.
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