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Davey Street - Now
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The proposed development
Submission against the proposed development at 63 Davey Street, Hobart
Development Description: Demolition, New Building for 30 Multiple Dwellings and 21 Student Accommodation Units including Carparking and Associated Infrastructure and Access Works at 63 Davey Street & 186 Macquarie Street, Hobart & Adjacent Road Reserve (Application Number: PLN-19-319.
My reasons to oppose are:

It is not compatible with the streetscape and damages the views along Davey Street.

This proposal is too high and intrusive, given its location within a significant Heritage Precinct, its proximity to a number of heritage listed properties, and its prominent location within a highly significant streetscape. It fails to reinforce the traditional urban form of the City that steps down from the Macquarie Street ridge to Sullivans Cove.

The proposal needs to more appropriately acknowledge its context and to moderate its overall height and urban form accordingly.

The location of the building is of particular relevance given that it's a prominent site within a Heritage Precinct and within a street of especially high townscape, streetscape, and heritage quality. More acknowledgement needs to be given in the design to the rich cultural heritage associated with the area.

The proposal presents a significant departure from the traditional pattern of development in the area, which has been to generally restrict higher development to the Macquarie Street ridge and to infill in Davey Street with a low-rise pattern of development consistent with the urban form of the existing streetscape (eg Commonwealth Law Courts).

The transition in height from the Macquarie Street ridge to Sullivans Cove is a fundamental quality of the urban form of the City and should be retained and reinforced. In this context the role played by St Davids Park is of importance and the views from the Park to the Mountain as identified in the work undertaken by Leigh Woolley, reinforces the amphitheatre of the Cove, and should be protected.

For these reasons, I oppose this development.

I do not consent to my submission, including my name and contact details, being provided to the applicant.

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